Window Tinting

In Australian weather conditions, window tint on any car is a must.

With a range of films to aid in protecting occupants from UV and IR heat, tint keeps your car cooler in warmer months while protecting your skin from harmful damage. Window tinting also offers significant visual enhancements to your vehicle


Tint has many advantages including:
  • Privacy for the contents of your vehicle
  • Heat rejection to keep the inside of your car cooler
  • Visual enhancement to the exterior of your vehicle
  • Protection against broken glass in the case of window damage or breakages
  • Reduced glare from external reflections

Overall window tinting creates a more pleasant driving experience for you and your passengers. 

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Light Tinting

A simple visual enhancement for your vehicle is to get your headlights, taillights or reflectors tinted. Using our smoked urethane films, created from the same material as PPF, this material serves to protect your lights from scratches and stone chips. 

This Product is for off-road and or track use only.