Alongside our customisation, we offer high-end detailing such as paint correction, ceramic coating and detailed vehicle cleaning.

As a Gyeon Certified applicator, we use and offer a range of high-end car care products and ceramic coatings for both automotive and marine applications.


Gyeon Ceramic Coating Range:

Single Stage Coatings:

This single stage entry level coating is a short-term durable coating. It’s great for an easy and cost-effective way to coat your vehicle for a perfect gloss & hydrophobic finish. Can Coat also serves as a top-up booster for all professional line coatings and is the easiest way to restore initial properties of Gyeon 5-year coatings.



Q² Flash is a single stage unique dedicated coating for Gyeon Certified Applicators. Its fast-curing formula allows application under various conditions with self-cleaning & hydrophobic properties. Q² will provide extended chemical & UV protection to any automotive paint.

Q² Flash carries a 10-year Gyeon Certified Applicator maintained warranty or a 3-year self-maintained warranty.


Dual Stage Coatings:

Q² DuraFlex is an advanced, two-ingredient and double layer ceramic coating, designed to suit the requirements of Gyeon Certified Applicators. The pure silazane Q² Base coating is the hardest automotive coating developed. It is a technological breakthrough and requires only one coat. Q² DuraFlex is a thick and extremely slick topcoat that has set a new standard in gloss, hydrophobic and durable self-cleaning products.

Q² DuraFlex carries an infinite Gyeon Certified Applicator maintained warranty or a 5-year self-maintained warranty.

Q² DuraFlex brings the highest level of gloss and is suited to high-end, performance or collector cars.



Q² Mohs+ is a unique 2-stage coating system that provides both extreme scratch resistance and self-cleaning properties. The upgraded pure silazane base coat is the hardest automotive coating ever developed. The topcoat prevents watermarks and stains and prolongs the total durability of the new Q² Base coating. The finished result cannot be overestimated – by implementing safe maintenance procedures, paint correction may be avoided throughout the entire period of use.

Q² Mohs+ carries an infinite Gyeon Certified Detailer maintained warranty or a 5-year self-maintained warranty

Q² Mohs+ is suited to daily drive and off-road vehicles.


Gyeon Certified Detailer maintained warranties must be serviced every 2 years or 25 thousand kms.


Paint Correction

Stage 1

Stage 1 paint correction is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to paint correction. This process will restore gloss and clarity to the paint work and remove light swirl marks in most lighter colours. Ideal for a newer car that just needs a touch up prior to ceramic coating or sealing.


Stage 2

Stage 2 paint correction is a refining stage where an abrasive product is used to remove any oxidation, blemishes and deeper swirl marks leaving the paint much clearer, smooth, and glossy.


Stage 3

Stage 3 paint correction is the ultimate service. From heavy cutting power to wet sanding this is for the heavy hitters! A stage 3 correction will ultimately get the average car to an almost perfect state.

Additional Services

  • Exterior Detail
  • Interior Detail
  • Exterior Wax Coat
  • Leather Conditioning - Gyeon Q² LeatherShield or Q² LeatherCoat
  • Wheel and tyre coatings - Gyeon Q² Rim & Q² Tyre
  • Glass coating - Gyeon Q² View